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Data Provided by this Search Page

This page searches and provides verification directly from these North Carolina registries:

We update these databases regularly. Re-check this site as often as you feel necessary to assure you have the most current data. The information on this page was last updated 06/18/2024.

Note: This site lists pending investigations and substantiated findings on the Health Care Personnel Registry in shortened form. For evidence summaries, hearing, or rebuttal statements, please contact the Health Care Personnel Investigations Section.

Confirmation Numbers

Health care facility employers must keep a record of accessing the registries in their business files. This site gives an original confirmation number with every search. It is date and time specific. The confirmation number is the employer's proof of access.

Start Registry Verification

  1. Enter up to 4 SSNs (last 4 digits only) with first and last name to verify. Use only SSNs. Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) are not SSNs and will not return valid search results on this page. Use the TAB key to move through the fields.
  2. Enter your email address in this space if you want to receive email notices of registry status changes during the next 12 months (applies to the SSNs in this search only): .
  3. Click the Submit Request button to start the look up.
  4. Always check for matching health care personnel names on the search result page.
  5. Record the confirmation number (or print the verification results) for your business files.

Enter up to 4 SSNs + first and last name to verify (last 4-digit SSN per box):

Max Length 4 Max Length 12 Max Length 18

Verify Home Care Aide Specialty Training

Click here to view the Nurse Aides who have completed the N.C. state-approved Home Care Aide specialty training course (PDF 31 KB).

Who Must Access Registry Verification

Work Restrictions

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