Registry Office


Effective February 6, 2023, DHSR is no longer accepting the emergency paper renewal form from healthcare providers to renew a Nurse Aide listing on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry. Please submit the online renewal forms.

Registry Renewal Process

  • General Information
    • Paper Renewal Form
    • Reminder Notifications
    • Federal Law 42 CFR 483.156
    • Rule 10A NCAC 13D .2304
    • Who Should Complete the Online Renewal Forms?
    • When Can the Online Renewal Forms Be Submitted?
    • How Long Does It Take to Process the Online Renewal Forms?
    • Web Browser
    • Social Security Number
    • Registry Listing Name
    • Registry Listing Number and Expiration Date
    • Last Date Worked as a Nurse Aide
    • License Number for Registered Nurse
    • Where to Find the Online Renewal Forms
    • Technical Issues Using the Online Renewal Forms
    • CNAII
    • Who to Contact for Assistance

Forms and Applications

  • General Information
    • How to Submit Forms and Applications
    • Time to Process Forms and Applications
    • Notifications
    • Social Security Number
    • CNAII
    • Who to Contact for Assistance

Nurse Aide I

Geriatric Aide

Home Care Aide Specialty Training

Medication Aide – Nursing Home

Medication Aide – Adult Care Home

Administrator Exam – Adult Care Home

  • General Information
    • Education Requirements
    • Examination Guidelines
    • Social Security Number
    • Registry
    • Who to Contact for Assistance